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Service Offerings


Service Offerings

The way businesses work and deliver value has never been more dynamic. Companies around the world are constantly exploring options on how to improve efficiency, add value to their customers and stay ahead from their competitors. To prepare for the future, organizations are also rethinking how to define, deploy, source, and manage their technology and business services.

We provide forward-thinking companies with out-of-box solutions and perspectives that help them navigate through existing challenges, tap exciting and new opportunities. Since its inception, Appmajix has focused on customer-centric innovation; constantly searching for new and different ways to solve client problems and build stronger businesses. At Appmajix, we nurture Innovation, for we believe, unless we don't innovate ourselves, we can't help our clients with innovation.

New business challenges demand solutions that extend the value of complex, knowledge-based business activities. These next generation solutions are:
  • Enable dynamic work activities that are complex and difficult to automate
  • Often leverage global service delivery and cloud enablement
  • Weave together applications, infrastructure and knowledge processes
  • Deliver higher levels of transparency and flexibility
  • Optimize value through outcomes-based pricing structures based on utilization, throughput, or business metrics

Service Offerings in a nutshell.

  • Application Development
  • Technology Services
    • Big Data
    • Cloud Computing
    • Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • Business Process Management
    • Enterprise Application Integration
    • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Mobile Solutions
    • Iphone / Ipad
    • Android
  • ECM Services
    • Share Point
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
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