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Appmajix is a leading IT solutions provider that helps companies drive business impact and adapt faster to the changing global marketplace. Appmajix provides Business Process Management, Complex Event Processing, Integration, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Big Data Solutions, cloud and mobile solutions. Appmajix's software and cloud services let organizations securely leverage their existing infrastructure to centrally manage authentication, access control, privilege management, policy enforcement and compliance across on-premise and cloud resources.

As organizations increasingly supplement and replace their on-premise IT infrastructure with cloud and mobile platforms, Centrify believes efficiently and securely managing user's digital identities in this hybrid IT environment becomes even more important. Our vision of delivering unified identity services that centrally manage identities across data center, cloud and mobile is integral to every product and solution we develop.

Appmajix helps our customers bring people together with the right information at the right time in the right context, enabling business users to improve their efficiency and quickly solve critical business challenges. Because our solutions are based on open standards, our customers can decide what works best for them.

Appmajix believes technology should enable collaboration. As enterprises move toward a more geographically dispersed, 24x7 workforce, they need tools to enable their users to quickly solve business challenges. Seamless and effective collaboration platforms support this work environment.


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